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Welcome to BreezyRP! We pride ourselves in providing the best RP enviroment that can't be found anywhere else. Here at BreezyRP we understand that the most important part of the city is you! Therefore we always put you, your wants, and your needs first. We are a 18+, E-Girl, and LGBTQ+ friendly community so please remember to always respect and take care of your friends, enemies, and angels. This is an English speaking server and you are expected to communicate in English while playing in the server. You need to be able to communicate if any issues should arise. Character names must be realistic; no overly memey, sexual, racist, or otherwise inappropriate names are allowed. All rules are interpreted with a common sense approach, please remember that this isn't Grand Theft Auto Online.. If you aren't sure about the intent or application of a specific rule, please reach out via a support ticket. Management has the final say in all decisions and can take action without a player report. We hope that enjoy our city, let's rock out!

Server Rules

  1. Zero Tolerance Topics
  2. This is an 18+ server and any persons assumed to be underage will be asked for proof. If proof is not provided there will be an instant ban. There is a zero tolerance policy for racism, bestiality, homophobia/transphobia, and sexual harassment or assault. These actions will not be tolerated IC or OOC and will result in severe punishment.

  3. Metagaming
  4. Metagaming is using knowledge that your character would not know in the server or communicating information through third party places - e.g. stream chats, and discord (not including the server/government discord). If you would not know it in character, don’t bring it into the server. You cannot have a stream open of a user who is playing on the server while you are on the server. Cross character meta is sharing information or assets between characters and is not allowed, regardless if you use a middle man or not. Transferring money or items from one of your characters to another is equal to that of transferring knowledge.

  5. Random Deathmatch(RDM)
  6. Random Deathmatch (RDM) is when you inflict physical harm on another character without required initiation. You must properly initiate enough so the other party knows what is coming next and can reach. Initiation must be more than “hands up or die” and must provide enough time for the other party to respond. Note: You must have a valid roleplay reason before incapacitating somebody. If the other party is compliant with reasonable demands and you do not have any other roleplay reason to harm them, you cannot incapacitate them.

  7. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
  8. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is when you intentionally use your vehicle as a weapon to inflict harm on another character. The only case where this is acceptable is if a user attacking you is in your reasonable escape path. You cannot intentionally go out of your way to strike somebody even if they are attacking you. Excessive vehicle to vehicle ramming may be considered VDM.

  9. New Life Rule (NLR)
  10. If your character gets hurt and dies/passes out, the moment they respawn after the timer ends they must forget everything that has led up to the moment, this means you must roleplay it out that your lost your memory or forgot what happened and cannot return back to the scene for revenge. You may also not continue conducting the exact same type of roleplay as before as this defeats the purpose of the rule (ex. Your character dies in a massive car accident or pursuit following a robbery...you should not be back on the street 5 minutes later doing the exact same thing). Your character may only be allowed to survive and remember an injury which incapacitated them if an actual player (typically EMS) physically transports you to a hospital where you are treated and recover from your injuries.

  11. Power Gaming
  12. The following are prohibited: Depicting another player's actions without them agreeing to it, or doing it themselves. Declaring that your actions against another player were successful without allowing them the opportunity to respond (unless they are dead, restrained, or uncapacitated...in which case they cannot resist). Forcefully performing an unrealistic action against someone without providing them an opportunity to evade such an action. Claimable property (Shops, Homes, etc.) on the server is viewed as first-come first-serve. Stating that you legitimately own a property while another player had already legitimately claimed to own the same location for an RP is power-gaming. Government property cannot be claimed by civilians (e.g. airports, police stations, etc.).

  13. Fear Life
  14. All characters must operate with some level of fear for their lives. While your characters may not truly die, they must act as if their character is subject to fear due to the possibility of being injured or losing their life. You must take into account all repercussions while your life is on the line, you can't be a hero every time. If an opportunity presents itself where you are not in immediate danger, they may fight back.

  15. Breaking Character
  16. You must remain IC at all times while in the server. Breaking character by going OOC should not be happening unless a break-in RP has been initiated while being spoken to an active member of the moderation team. Choosing to criticize and nitpick minor policy issues of police officers while your character is engaged in heavy-criminal activity is considered unrealistic. (Ex. Your character is being arrested for triple murder and you decide to take the opportunity to ask the officer why their license plate is wrong.) This includes voice chat, /tweet, /ebay, /darkweb, /me, /do and /news.

  17. FailRP
  18. This is anything the can be considered an unrealistic situation. This is usually common sense, simply ask yourself these questions: Does this happen IRL? or Would you do this IRL? or Does this match your character's storyline? All FailRP decisions will be made by the common sense of management.

  19. Interfering
  20. Interfering is prohibited and is defined as when a player forcefully interjects themselves in a different player's RP, causing their RP to be ruined or the outcome to be changed.

  21. Combat Logging
  22. Combat logging is prohibited and is defined as when a player exits their game to avoid an RP. For Example: Exiting to avoid LEO or EMS. Exiting to avoid being arrested, charged with a crime, or while being booked in jail. Exiting to avoid hospitalization. Exiting to avoid getting robbed or kidnapped/

  23. Greenzone
  24. No spray-painting / graffiti in green zones. Green zone are safe areas. You may only conduct passive RP in green zones, no crime or aggressive/violent RP. If someone runs into the green zone to avoid an RP that was started outside of the green zone, the RP may still continue. Within green zones, you must remain IC at all times, the only place you can break character is the spawn area.

  25. Cop Baiting
  26. Cop baiting is prohibited, this is when your sole purpose is to attract the attention of LEO with no gain to the development of your character or because of your "boredom".

  27. Modding, Glitching, and Exploiting
  28. Usage or threatening to use injection tools, mod-menus, DOS/DDOS tools is prohibited. Exploitation of known bugs to perform malicious acts. Exploiting a GTA feature which would be classified as FailRP. Glitching or exploiting glitches to gain an unfair advantage (ex. using an animation to enter an un-enterable space location). If a glitch/exploit is found, please open a ticket and report it to the management team.

  29. Relationship Roleplay
  30. Relationship roleplay is permitted as long as all parties of the RP consent to the roleplay and actions. Sexual roleplay is allowed. Harrasment of any sort such as sexual, physical, or verbal is zero tolerance. If a player is reported for harrassment of any sort the BreezyRP management team will conduct an investigation and serious consequences will be taken if needed. Please roleplay responsibly.

Gang Rules

Gangs are defined as any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP. A gang package has to be bought in order to be an official gang. Gangs, when possible, should develop a backstory which includes how they were started, what their goals/mission are, identify and fight for turf, etc. Gangs are limited to a maximum of 15 players within their gang. BreezyRP management reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overly toxic manner. The police are not considered a gang however their behavior, response, and numbers will be controlled through the Standard Operating Procedures of each department in coordination with the BreezyRP Staff.

  1. Gang Behavior
  2. While roleplaying active gang members must wear attire that matches style and color in such a manner that they are easily identifiable as a gang. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the game play of other players especially civilians. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Civilians are not allowed to be involved in any gang activities, this includes being a getaway driver, being a lookout, helping gang members advance in any way. GANG HOPPING IS PROHIBITED, If a player decides to leave a gang that player must wait ONE WEEK or 7 DAYS before joining another gang. The gang that has lost the member is allowed to KOS that member one time (which is one death.)

  3. Criminal and Gang Interactions
  4. Initiating hostile RP on any active member of a gang, or being initiated on, constitutes initiation with all active members who are present at that location. Gang members arriving after hostilities have begun must properly integrate themselves into the RP scenario by initiating in a reasonable manner. Groups should not be repeatedly targeting a group or player over and over, there needs to be reasonable options for an out and settling hostilities from both sides. Examples include reasonable taxing of items and other business deals. Players engaged in crime rp should exercise reasonable fear of police, and jail time/fines are not to be treated lightly. Example of reasonable fear of PD: If all cops on scene are down you should maintain a reasonable fear that more cops are going to be responding to the scene. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and meta gaming. Players are prohibited from doing a robbery within 30 minutes of a server reset.

  5. Gang Alliances
  6. Gangs can only have ONE alliance. The alliance must be registered within the server discord channel! Allying in order to take down a stronger gang organization is permitted. Alliances must last 30 days or more before the alliance can be cut.

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